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Providing opportunities for social workers and public administrators to enhance their leadership skills, develop a trauma-informed mindset and teach the next generation of change agents resiliency and innovative problem-solving.

We deliver training for professional and personal development

Our training and consultancy services help organizations create an inclusive and respectful workplace that is anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-toxic, anti-bullying, and anti-"because it has always been done this way." We achieve this by addressing staff knowledge, skills, attitudes, and organization policies and procedures.
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About the Resiliency Training Institute 

The Resiliency Training Institute, created by Butler & Davis Consulting LLC, provides wrap-around services to improve the ability of organizations and communities to respond to trauma and enhance social, political, and emotional wellbeing.

The name Butler & Davis Consulting is a tribute to our Lead Consultant, Ebony Davis’, great great grandmother, Ester Butler, who was a slave in Rockville, Maryland. Ebony understands that her passion for social justice is rooted in her heritage. She is inspired by the many strong women and men before her that fought for equality and equity.
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