Frequently asked questions

What does effective community engagement look like?

Effective community engagement involves listening to your community needs, understanding your community’s needs, strengths and resources and then responding to your clients needs. While also supporting them developing self-efficacy, in navigating their environment and making informed decisions to make a change at  a personal, community and policy level.

Why does the Resiliency Training Institute focus on Trauma-Informed Training?

We focus on trauma-informed training because it directly aligns with our social work values of integrity, dignity and self-worth of a person. A trauma-informed approach embraces a humanistic approach to client relations, putting self-determination at the front and center.  The framework also provides checks and balances for professional accountability, providing competent services and pushing for social justice.

Why is social work continuing education important?

Continuing education ensures that professionals keep their skills and knowledge sharp to respond to the diverse needs of the consumers, the community, and the agencies they serve. The appropriate CEUs can help you tailor your expertise and decrease your risks and liabilities against unethical and malpractice.

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